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In the spice world, you can consider the saffron as a king, because it has every quality that you could ever ask for in a spice, on the other hand, you can see it is partly more expensive than other species.

They are sold in different amounts, for example, Super Negin saffron 12 to 5 grams could be one of the best choices you have to purchase!

What other things do you know about saffron? Well, you are just in the right place, Today we are going to learn a whole lot more about that, so let’s begin my friends.

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Is Super Negin saffron 12 to 5 grams enough?

Speaking of getting saffron, there is always one big complexity, How much do you have to get? 1 kilogram, or more, however it is a specie just like salt and pepper!

But when it comes to saffron, it is a little bit different, it is not common to see they are sold in more than 5 to 12 grams which is remarkably small!

The Super Negin saffron 12 to 5 grams is the great choice you can have, Other than that there is no way to use it in the short and fresh since a tiny amount of saffron can be enough to do everything you ask it.

No matter you want it to make your foods look more delicious or for medical reasons, this amount should cover your needs!

Is there a certain limitation to consuming saffron?

Even though saffron is one of the greatest spices which is packed with so many minerals, vitamins, and medical benefits for the body, you need to be more careful with using it.

Note that there is a 1.5-gram imitation in using saffron per day, which means you can use Super Negin saffron 12 to 5 grams for several days and not at once.

Especially during the permanency period, it is wise to control your saffron use, other than that you can make sure it is all beneficial for your body and not going to hurt you in any way.

Considering you eat an appropriate amount of saffron daily, you can be even hopeful to be happier each day, as it is good for depression and mood.

All about Super Negin saffron (12 to 5 grams)


Is it called the red gold in Iran?

Did you know it is called red gold in Iran? Does it deserve to be called that way? Well, Iran as the main provider of saffron in the world is proud to cover 90 percent of world requests.

It means, its climate is very great for growing saffron, and its people are more familiar with this valuable spice than anyone else!

No matter the Super Negin saffron 12 to 5 grams, it demands hard work to be produced and that is one reason it is as worthy as gold in the eyes of the people here.

One remarkable point is that saffron requires manual harvesting which makes it harder to provide since it is sensitive and using machines is not a wise idea.

Where is the best source to get it?

As is referred to earlier, saffron is one of the main products of Iran, so there is not anywhere better than Iranian companies, but in this case, we suggest the Supper Negin saffron!

One great saffron factory that would offer you different amounts of saffron packaging from Super Negin saffron 12 to 5 grams!

It assures you are getting the saffron from one credited, experienced, and well-known company that puts the quality of the product over the quantity, at a very affordable price for everyone.

The Supper Negin is where you can access pure, delicious, and high-quality Iranian saffron, so do not miss it.

Summing up

The Super Negin saffron 12 to 5 grams opens a great gate to you in terms of variation in amount and price, all in great quality.

Did you know one of the main reasons that justify the high price of saffron is that it needs to be harvested manually? And per each flower, there would be a very small amount of saffron!

What are other reasons that might have raised the price of saffron in your idea? Is this fair to call it expensive in the first place?
Feel free to share your ideas, suggestions, and experiences.


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